Yoii Vacuum Blackhead Remover ( with Ultrasonic)

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Yoii Vacuum Blackhead Remover ( with Ultrasonic)

This microdermabrasion firming and blackhead cleaning device is a beauty equipment with combined fuctions of polishing skin, firming, cleaning pores, removing pimples and blackheads, ultrasonic massage and other functions. It utilizes more than 100 thousand natural mineral crystallite partcles with vacuum suction and ultrasonic massage to remove the outer layer of aging skin, as well as the dirt in pores, so that the pores can become smooth instantly, resulting in a white, evenly and smooth skin.
It is a non-invasive and non-irritating technology. The thickness of the crystallite on the suction bar can be adjusted to control the depth of the polishing. With 6 different shapes, the probes have 6 different functions, including polishing skill, cleaning pores, untrasonic massage etc.

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