Yoii Master RF

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This product is Yoi Radio Frequency deep thermo function,
can send out 1 million times per second vibration of radio
frequency wave, (hereinafter referred to as RF) warm skin dermis
activate collagen. Open pore to achieve ion cleansing, ion
introduction, EMS lifting and tightening. Vibration, LED light care
home beauty instrument, users can choose the combination of
various modes according to their skin status and needs.

RF radiofrequency warms the dermis of skin, activates collagen
of skin, and effectively nurses skin. Unlike other warm products, RF is
directly to the bottom of the muscle, activates collagen, regenerates
collagen, remoulds skin elasticity, and achieves the effect of resisting
aging and delicate skin.

lon cleaning utilizes the principle of positive and negative
charge anisotropic attraction. Through high frequency vibration
and biological current, the deep pore dirt, blackhead and grease
can be cleaned out, and the water-oil ratio of skin can be
regulated, and the pore size can be improved. Ion moisturizing
current field combined with negative ion, combined with EMS low
cycle current superconductivity, can directly penetrate nutrients
into the dermis of the skin improve the skin from inside to

EMS energy goes directly to the dermis of SMS skin. EMS
electric pulse stimulates muscle movement, tightens the skin and
makes the skin more elastic.

ye protection function can effectively improve the absorption rate
of eye cream, protect eyes and remove eye lines.
Vibration, vibration and soft skin help nutrition penetration.
LED light
Blue light eliminates acne, improves acne printing red light,
changes skin tender and whitening, and repairs skin.
Ice compress refrigeration, repair skin shrinkage pore, make skin
more compact, improve acne marks.